Mexican pork with calabacita recipes

Mexico City: Yug Vegetariano Part II

Mexico City: Yug Vegetariano Part II

You can taste the creamy refried beans, guacamole (it contained too much onions for me, but sometimes they vary) and the unique carnitas, which are “literally ‘little meats,’ a type of braised or roasted (often after first being simmered) pork in Mexican cuisine” (Wikipedia)


I like my calabacitas quite thick, in this case I use 1 cup of vegetable stock total, and cook on high flame for the last couple of minutes so more liquid evaporates

Calabacita Con Carne De Puerco

Brown pork in hot oil in a large skillet. 2 lbs pork, cubed. 1 1/2 lbs mexican squash. drain. Stir in tomato, onion, bell pepper, garlic and cumin

Pork Stuffed Zucchini

Season with salt and pepper and cook stirring constantly. Add the pork meat, and when meat is almost cooked add the zuchinni pulp

Calabacita con Puerco

Add all vegetables to pan with pork and cook over high heat until onion is transparent. fry pork cubes in batches until browned

Green Chile Chicken Enchiladas – Restaurant Style

The Green Chile Sauce – If you don’t have the chile to make your own sauce, you could probably find jars of Green Chile Sauce in the ethnic aisle at your local grocer or at a market that specializes in southwestern and Mexican cuisine