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Black Bean Avocado Edamame Salad

Black Bean Avocado Edamame Salad

can blackbeans. Rinse and drain beans. In a medium bowl, add all ingredients except avocado. When ready to serve, dice avocado

Pina Colada Rolls

I am longing for tropical flavors, pineapple and coconut with cream cheese added for extra creamy rolls

Family Favorites...Pina Colada Icebox Pie

Pina ColadaIceboxPie, sound yummy. The cookie crumb crust makes a easy pie crust, the Cream of Coconut for your coconut flavor and some cream cheese are the basic ingredients along with eggs, sugar, etc
Easy Fruit Salad

Easy Fruit Salad

EasyFruitSalad ~ Simple and Delicious Fresh FruitSalad Recipe Using Vanilla Pudding Mix. How does that story tie in with this delicious fruitsalad

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