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Pour some of the olive oil over each loaf and press into it with your finger tips to form the focaccia dimples
Dutch Christmas stollen bread ring

Dutch Christmas stollen bread ring

Sprinkle icing sugar for decoration and you have an amazing DutchChristmas kerststol breadring . Put the almonds and sugar in a kitchen machine and blend
Tandoori chicken with Mint Coriander relish

Tandoori chicken with Mint Coriander relish

And the first thing that popped up in my mind was to do a Tandoori Platter withTandoorichickenwithMintcorianderrelish and Tandoori paneer tikka, and finish off with Masala Chaas or Spiced Buttermilk for the cooling effect before indulging into the dessert, Rice Kheer
Indian Roasted Whole Chicken

Indian Roasted Whole Chicken

Easter Special- Indian Roast WholeChicken with Indianroasted potatoes. You can find dried fenugreek leaves in an Indian grocery store

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