1st of July Dessert – Canadian Flag No-Bake Fruit Cake
Roxy's Kitchen
Roxy's Kitchen
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  • 1 st of July is just around the corner, meaning is time to put on your best red and white clothing and celebrate our great nation with your family and friends. Even though we just got our citizenship last year we’ve been proudly celebrating Canada Day every single year since we moved to Canada about nine years ago. We are thankful and feel lucky to have had the chance to live in such a wonderful country! Canada is indeed the land of opportunity and hope, where you’re always surrounded by friendly people who make you feel welcome regardless of your race, nationality or culture.
  • min
  • 25 min Cook
  • Ingredients
  • Lady fingers (400 g)
  • 8 eggs 16 Tbsp sugar
  • 35 g gelatin
  • 1 l whipping cream, at room temperature
  • 1 can of pineapple chunks (350 g) – save the pineapple juice to moist the lady fingers
  • 400-500 g fruits, cut into small cubes (I used 1 orange, 4 kiwi fruits, 1 banana). Don’t use bananas if you want to refrigerate the cake for a longer time as they oxidize and turn brownish.



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