A Week With the Toyota RAV4
Salt Pepper Skillet
Salt Pepper Skillet
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  • 4 Adventure Edition on a recent trip to Utah. The trip started off in Salt Lake City and moved up the mountains to Park City, where the real adventure took place. We found that the RAV
  • 4 really is a crossover SUV for the city and the mountains.
  • 5 state road trip last Fall and our rental car was upgraded to a brand new RAV
  • 4. We kinda fell in love with it and even took an extra drive through town before reluctantly returning it as it was time to head back to San Diego.
  • 4 was released back in
  • 1995. It was back when Windows
  • 4 both in
  • 4 seems like the perfect size SUV to give us just the right amount of room to be comfortable and fit everything we need.
  • 4 Adventure model that had all
  • 4 might be perceived as small, but it
  • 4 Adventure Edition is a solid choice.



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