Adventures in creating my French country farm….here (not France)
A Flock In The City
A Flock In The City
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  • 7 Comments · In Homestead Life As I’ve said an uncountable amount if times….my life’s dream is to have a romantic farm on the French countryside. For whatever reason in my dream farm chores are not smelly and messy in France. I would wear a lovely flowing dress and carry baskets filled with lavender. I would grow everything I need to make all of my preserves from scratch, my kitchen garden would be overflowing with vegetables, oh and we would sit under a blue umbrella at 4pm for a glass (or 2) of our homemade wine made of course with our homegrown grapes.
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  • 15 feet!!!! I have no idea what started the fight but found myself wondering what rude thing Little Roo could have said to get a bar slap like that from such a tiny cat. I didn’t know they could even understand each other. As you can imagine, Little Roo and Midnight are not friends.
  • 8 of them! I had never seen that much meat in one place. We had purchased a huge freezer just to store all this meat. We got the boxes unpacked and into the freezer and felt a true sense of accomplishment. Here we are….city folk who raised a pig from the beginning all the way through to the end. We had a full freezer to show for it. Wow. Does this mean we are really farmers now?



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