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  • 15 minutes – watch the first batch to see how long it takes as I can’t remember). Remove from pans and cook on wire racks. After cooling these can be stored in covered containers until ready to fill. Fill with chicken or seafood salad. They hold about 1 Tbs. As these can be made ahead & quickly filled they are good to serve. Also are filling.
  • 20-30 minutes TORTILLA WRAP: I take softened cream cheese & add things like diced ham and crushed pineapple, or diced ham, finely chopped green onions, garlic powder & dill, or dried beef, red onion, & garlic powder. Whatever you add, you mix well with the cream cheese. Then I spread the mixture on large tortilla shells & roll up. Then I put them in a long pan or on a platter & wrap up and put in the refrigerator overnight so they will firm up some. The next day I take & cut them into about 1″ slices & they have a pinwheel effect. They aren’t difficult & are pretty popular. What you add to the softened cream cheese is really up to your imagination, & budget.
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