Bajre ki roti
The Indian Food Court
The Indian Food Court
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  • Thursday
  • How long it takes: 30 minutes Bajra/pearl millet has a nutty flavour and crunchy texture. It has a lot of health benefits and is also glutten free and it has anti allergic properties too. It has to be consumed preferably in winter to avoid any digestive problems and discomfort. I prepared this roti a couple of times and everybody enjoyed it at home. It can be relished with any spicy side dish or even with raw onions rings, chutney powder and pickle. Here is my version of the dish
  • 3. Make a soft dough by kneading it with your hands like chapati dough
  • 4. Place a roti skillet on medium flame and on heating place rolled roti on it and roast it
  • 7. Enjoy with chutney powder, wet chutney,
  • 4. While making the dough as well the vessel in which we make the dough should be also dry and free of oil



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