Banana "Ice Cream" Cake With Raw Chocolate Crust
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  • 2 Tbsp regular gelatin*
  • 3 cups frozen ripened bananas**
  • 1 cup additional frozen fruit (more bananas, peaches, acai, strawberries; I used strawberries and added 1Tbsp raw honey to compensate for the lessened sweetness; peaches plus 1Tbsp vanilla and 1 raw egg makes for a cake batter-like taste)
  • Optional banana soft serve add-ins: 1 scoop vanilla or chocolate whey, 1Tbsp raw cacao, 1/2 Tbsp vanilla, 1 Tbsp lucuma powder, 2 Tbsp PB
  • 2 or nut butter of choice
  • Raw chocolate crust, as prepared below
  • Chocolate magic shell (mix 1/2 cup extra virgin coconut oil with 2 Tbsp raw cacao and optional 2Tbsp maple syrup)
  • Optional cake toppings: dark chocolate pieces or curls, cacao nibs (I currently love these over Navitas), raw cacao powder (current favorite brand), coconut flakes, crumbled coconut chips, crumbled banana chips, nut butter.



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