Bell Pepper Spanish Omelette
Alukwe Mulunga
Alukwe Mulunga

Bell Pepper Spanish Omelette

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  • -2 Cups Potatoes cubed
  • -2 Eggs


    -In a Non Stick Skillet/Pan put your Red Onions and add a Table spoon of oil and begin to fry the Onions
    -Cook until the onions become translucent and begin to turn brown in color
    -Add the Chopped Potatoes in the pan
    -Mix well with the cooked Red Onions and add salt to taste
    -Cook the Potatoes until they begin to brown. Since we will not be cooking the Potatoes again, taste to see whether they are well done
    -Add the Red Pepper and Yellow Pepper to the mix after tasting that the Potatoes are cooked but not too soft so that they can hold their shape in the Omelette
    -Keep turning the mixture until the Bell Peppers begin to soften,you do not want them to be overcooked so this should only take a few seconds just to coat all the flavors together
    -Add your chopped Parsley (Dhania) to your beaten Eggs and mix together before adding to the Vegetable mixture
    -Toss the mixture gently so that all the ingredients are evenly distributed
    -Turn down the heat and let the Egg cook through, you can lift the side to check whether the bottom has browned and is cooking well
    -Once you have confirmed that the bottom is cooked well, you will see that even the top is becoming firm
    -Take a flat plate, cover the pan with it and turn it upside down so that the Omelette lands on the plate.
    -Gently slide the Omelette back to the pan so that the uncooked part is on the bottom of the pan and it can also cook through
    -A few more minutes and the Omelette should be done
    -I insist on cooking with a non-stick Pan/Skillet so that it is easier to remove the Omelette from the pan without any hustle
    -Slide your Omelette from the Skillet/ Pan and onto a plate.
    -Do not worry that the shape is not perfect, as long as the Spanish Omelette is well cooked you've won!


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