Book Review: Marriage Matters
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  • 3 outstanding books about marriage I will review all together. The first is Marriage Matters. This biblical perspective on marriage is similar to those I've read before, but goes into such specific detail I found myself finally grasping ideas I've strived to put into words for years.
  • 2 supplemental books written, For Married Men Only, and For Married Women Only. Each of these quick books is PACKED with truth. I read the women's book first and found myself feeling incredibly affirmed in my role as a wife. Evans covers the subjects of being "a helper" to our husbands, submission, and living a life that honors God in a way that did not leave me feeling like I second class in any way. Using scripture Evans unpacks all that marriage is supposed to be if we allow God in the center. It left me hungry for the picture that was written about.



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