Breakfast Omelette Egg Muffins
5-Ingredient Paleo
5-Ingredient Paleo
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  • 20 muffins
  • 24 if you fill them up a little less, or
  • 18 if you like them
  • 12 raw eggs
  • 1 pound of
  • 1 onion
  • 3 ) When some of the fat has been released, add in your onions and any other thicker vegetable that needs more cooking (i.e. carrots, peppers).
  • Meat and Onions starting to saute
  • 4 ) Let saute together until the onions/veggies are your desired tenderness. I cook this about 20 minutes because I really hate the taste of raw onions, and the veggies won't really cook up more in the oven so make sure it's how you'd eat it!
  • 7 ) Add in your 12 raw eggs. If you want to make this an even 24 muffins, you could add in about 14 eggs Time to add the eggs
  • 8 ) Stir it all together, and then divide it into your muffin tins (or pour it in your pan).
  • Mixture, ready for the muffin tins
  • Cups filled up and ready to bake!
  • 9 ) Bake for 22-30 minutes until your muffins are golden on top.



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