Counting Crumbs and What we REALLY Ate:  April 2014
Don't Waste the Crumbs!
Don't Waste the Crumbs!
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  • 1 Meal
  • organic baby kale, 4.39
  • organic carrots, 4.79
  • apple
  • granny smith apples, 6.49
  • organic monterey jack cheese, 10.99
  • whole chicken
  • This is a pretty standard Costco trip for the beginning of the month. Kale is mostly for smoothies while coffee, onions, carrots, and whole chickens are kitchen staples. These are things I buy every month and can count on when I’m making my meal plans.
  • beets w/greens, 3
  • blood oranges x3 & kumquats, 8.75
  • 8 oz x2, .69
  • organic cage-free eggs 20ct, 4.99
  • nitrate
  • bacon
  • Cilantro and tomato was for the salad (that I got confused on). Eggs are a staple and bacon was a splurge. It’s a rare occasion that I find a good deal on nitrate-free bacon, so I surprised Mr. Crumbs (plus it was on the menu later in the month too). Sour cream to make homemade ranch for Tuesday’s salad and homemade blue cheese dressings for buffalo chicken pizza the next Friday.
  • naval oranges
  • naval oranges
  • eggplant
  • bananas
  • mandarin oranges
  • 2 Meal
  • 2 quart bags full of fish guts that I used in my own tomato plants. If I had bought it all from various sources, it would have cost over $80.
  • paper lunchbags 50ct, 1
  • CRV, .60
  • organic butter, 6.79
  • granny smith apples, 6.49
  • fresh mozzarella, 6.99
  • strawberries, 5.99
  • organic whole milk x2, 6.38
  • organic russet potatoes, 4.99
  • orange juice, 2.50
  • whole tomatoes x6, 2
  • pineapple, 1.99
  • This was a VERY busy week for us and it could have gone a lot better if I had spent some time earlier in the week making sure I had my plans laid out well, but I didn’t, and my haphazard shopping reflects that. I was also getting in the groove of shopping the farmers market on Friday, but it didn’t happen again, so this was my backup plan.
  • organic butter, 6.79
  • granny smith apples, 6.49
  • organic frozen blueberries, 9.59
  • oven dried tomatoes, 8.99
  • taco shells, 1.99
  • salsa verde, 2.49
  • cilantro, .
  • limes x2, 1.38
  • limes
  • This was a trip specifically for taco night (if you couldn’t guess by the list). I did not have time for homemade corn or flour tortillas, so I bought crunchy shell tacos. Something completely out of character for us, but this is me rolling with life’s punches.
  • basil plant, 2.99
  • 1/3 white, 1/3 wheat, 1/3 spelt flour). Didn’t bring a veggie, but made homemade blue cheese dressing.
  • 1. We were gifted some extra food that included hummus, so I took that plus leftover beef from Easter, made couscous and tzatziki and pitas and we had a Greek night
  • 4 Shopping Dollar Tree
  • Both of these trips were for supplies for our garden. I found these buckets at Dollar Tree that are really supposed to be filled with ice and serve cold beverages at parties, but I’m going to poke a hole in the bottom and plant yellow squash in them instead. Those were $1 each Aren’t they colorful?
  • 4 salmon steaks and 2-4 more ribeyes in the freezer though, so those will carry over to next month. I’ll also likely set aside $30 for another fish since that will likely happen again too.
  • salsa verde
  • taco shells
  • tortilla chips
  • blueberries (still haven’t opened them and it’s the end of the month)



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