Counting Crumbs and What We Really Ate:  May 2014
Don't Waste the Crumbs!
Don't Waste the Crumbs!
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  • 1 Shopping Costco – $156.11
  • extra virgin olive oil 1L, 11.99
  • fresh mozzarella x2, 6.99
  • bananas x2, 1.39
  • apples,
  • power greens, 4.59
  • organic cheddar 2lb, 11.99
  • chocolate chips, 8.69
  • ground black pepper, .99
  • shell pasta 7oz x2, .34
  • bacon x2, 2.99
  • feta,
  • organic ground beef, 4.99
  • goats milk soap, 3.99
  • salt
  • Eggs, pepper, Italian seasoning, rosemary, basil, pasta, salt and mustard are all to replenish the pantry.
  • 2 Tbsp of molasses per cup of sugar. It’s way cheaper in the long run since white sugar is so inexpensive. Plus I think we make less cookies with this method too.
  • paper towels x2, .88
  • chili sauce, 1.99
  • bell peppers x4, .50
  • The chili sauce, Worcestershire and vinegar are for the Asian-inspired recipes on the menu this month. Although they’re not something I’d normally buy, they added delicious variety to the meal plan and we can use them again next month. Whole milk for yogurt, peppers for salad, tacos and pizza. Bananas for snacking and smoothies.
  • pepperoni, 3.99
  • pepperoni
  • More bananas for snacking and smoothies…. aka, the bananas craze.
  • My original intention was to find pepperoni for pizza
  • crushed tomatoes x2, 2.89
  • cottage cheese x2, 2.99
  • butter lettuce, 1.69
  • toothbrushes x2
  • green onion bunch, 1.25
  • This place is a small, organic farm owned by a local Christian family. They have story-time on Tuesdays, so I took the kids and made a morning of it. Unfortunately, seeing all the toddlers and lap-babies made me realize that my kids were officially too big for story-time.
  • pepperoni,
  • organic bell peppers, 3.99
  • organic milk, 6.38
  • cucumber
  • fresh mint, 1.99
  • spinach
  • Milk for coffee; cucumber and mint for the salad, spinach for macaroni and cheese.
  • organic AP flour, 14.99
  • natural peanut butter, 10.99
  • apples, 7.99
  • bananas x2, 1.39
  • 3 Shopping Grocery Outlet – $7.98
  • organic eggs 20ct, 4.99
  • Our grocery budget was definitely spent, but we had very little produce in the house. Picking up just enough to get us through the next week was more budget friendly than shopping in bulk at Costco (which is where I normally buy carrots).
  • This was a very last minute trip for milk. Mr. Crumbs found our milk to be going sour the day before, and since it’s pasteurized, we didn’t feel safe consuming it. I picked up the milk, but also saw bags of marked down bananas in the produce section. I picked up four and we’ve eaten one bag already. I took one bag to the last AWANA celebration for ice cream sundaes, taking another bag camping and will put whatever is left in the garage to stay cool until we get home.



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