Counting Crumbs:  Grocery Budget Accountability June 2014
Don't Waste the Crumbs!
Don't Waste the Crumbs!
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  • beef stock, 3.79
  • One Sunday after dinner, my dad gave us some sliced roast beef and dinner rolls that they weren’t going to be able to eat before they would go bad. I picked up beef stock, used an onion from the pantry and made French dip sandwiches! Served with baked potato fries.
  • dijon mustard, .99bell peppers x2, .50
  • limes
  • fresh jalapenos x2, .46
  • of
  • wild cod @ 3.99/lb, 4.07
  • cod
  • The mustard is for some recipe testing I’m doing. ;) Bell peppers for grilled sandwiches, limes for flavoring water and taco night and the jalapenos were for a pico de gallo recipe I wanted to make, except that I forgot to buy fresh tomatoes and didn’t realize I forgot until just before dinner. Oops!
  • in
  • smoothies
  • 3.99 per pound for wild fish, and we’re trying to eat more wild fish in general. Now is a great time to do it though, since it’s prime fishing season and in-season fish is more affordable than out-of-season fish.
  • pineapple x2, 1.99
  • roma tomatoes, 1.99
  • eggs
  • blueberries, 3.99
  • Eggs are a staple and pineapple was on sale (anything less than $2 for a whole fresh pineapple is a must-buy in my book). The rest of the ingredients were mostly for recipe testing, but we enjoyed a few in smoothies and over salads as well.
  • eggs, 4.99
  • whole milk x2, 6.38
  • cilantro
  • Whole milk for making yogurt and coffee, cilantro for tacos
  • contact solution, 14.99
  • uncooked flour tortillas, 5.99
  • carrots,
  • spring lettuce mix, 3.69
  • fresh mozzarella, 6.99
  • cheddar cheese, 11.99
  • Contact solution always goes in the cart when it’s on sale. Yeast for baking bread, yogurt for making my own whole milk yogurt. When I shared this frugal list of healthy food at Costco, a reader suggested I try the Kirkland brand Greek yogurt – so I did! I made my own yogurt using most of one 32oz container, then froze the other so I can make more yogurt next month (without buying more starter). Actually, it might last longer than that… I made one gallon of yogurt in a slow cooker, then strained it to get homemade Greek yogurt and whey. The yogurt is for smoothies, and the whey is for soaked whole grain bread. With thick yogurt already in the fridge, I might not have to use the tub in the freezer. I guess we’ll see!
  • 8 ways to save money on cheese? One reader suggested there to to buy sharp cheddar instead of medium cheddar, since the stronger flavor means not using as much. You know what, they were right! It’s $1 more for sharp cheddar, but it’s the end of the month and we still have a few ounces left on the brick. Every other month we’re lucky to make it to week 3 and still have some left!
  • dijon mustard, 2.69
  • This stop was for one purpose
  • apples, 7.29
  • oranges
  • Organic apples seem to be long gone, so these are the most affordable of what’s left. The last batch of oranges we bought from Costco (this trip) were moldy after just a week or so, so I took those back and got another box. The $1 is the difference in price between the two.
  • sweetened condensed milk, 2.49
  • limes x6, .16
  • bananas x3, 1.39
  • apples, 5.79
  • pasta shells, .89
  • onions
  • red onions, 2.49
  • portabella mushrooms, 1.99
  • tomatoes
  • pepperoni x2, 2.99
  • bell peppers x2, 1.18
  • yellow onions, .93
  • coffee
  • cilantro, .59
  • 5 coffee filters and my son has been eating tomatoes like there’s no tomorrow! Seriously, he asks for a tomato for a snack… plus cilantro for a version of this Mexican veggie dish.
  • Finally! Closer to our actual budget of $330. Still a bit over, but I’m okay with that right now. Mr. Crumbs is going out of town for a few weeks, so the kids and I will be eating as much of the random foods as we can. For example, there’s still salami in the freezer from last month’s pepperoni taste test (which I plan to use some of it in an Italian pasta dish), one quart of leftover tomato soup and another quart of vegetable and barley soup. Plus a steak, chicken, cod and all sorts of other FOOD in the house that needs to get eaten, lol. I’m hoping that we’ll be able to spend minimally these next couple weeks, especially since our garden is starting to produce zucchini!!



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