diy tassle necklaces
ambs loves food
ambs loves food
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  • 100 each
  • 2 for big tassles
  • 2 wraps left
  • 5. bead every other with small cream wooden beads and mini black glass beads or any other type until 2/3 of the way
  • 6. stop alternating two beads and bead only the wooden beads for a color change
  • 7. tie the ends together in two/three knots, cut a small strand on each (not too short)
  • 8. glue the knot with a small amount of fabric glue and let it dry
  • 5. thread necklace with all beads and tiny hoops for the mini tassles
  • 6. once it is threaded gently tie each tassle to all 6 hoops
  • 7. tie necklace top with 2 knots to secure
  • 8. glue each metal hoop with fabric glue and also glue top knot to secure



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