Festive Duck with Apple Cider Drizzle (Easy)
RecipeTin Eats
RecipeTin Eats
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  • / 4.5 lb duck
  • Easy Maple Sticky Glazed Ham (15 min prep, 1 – 1 1/2 hrs inactive baking, can be made ahead)
  • Juicy Slow Cooker Turkey Breast (5 min prep, then set and forget, reheats well but best slow cooked overnight on the night before serving)
  • Festive Duck with Apple Cider Drizzle (5 min prep, 1 1/2 hr inactive baking, reheats very well)
  • Pork Apple Stuffing in Pancetta Cups (20 min prep and worth every second. Reheats extremely well)
  • Julia Child’s Potato Dauphinoise Gratin (15 min prep, 45 min baking, reheats very well)
  • Red, Green and White Christmas Salad (10 minutes prep)
  • Warm Red Cabbage and Spinach with Garlic Herb Butter (10 minutes prep)



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