Fresh corn polenta with summer vegetables #SundaySupper
Caroline's Cooking
Caroline's Cooking
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  • 3 ears of corn (approx 3 cups corn kernels) 1 cup/240ml water 1tbsp/10g butter 1tbsp/20g goat's cheese ¼cup/8g grated parmesan For the vegetables - 2tbsp olive oil ½ red onion 1 small red/orange/yellow pepper 1 medium zucchini/courgette 1 medium tomato 4 basil leaves 1tbsp pine nuts Instructions Peel and remove the 'silk' from the corn and break off the stem. Take each ear in turn and hold it with the stem end flat in a shallow bowl and using a sharp knife, cut the kernels from the stem. Turn the cob so that you cut off the kernels from all sides. When you think you've got them all, turn the knife so it's more at right angles to the cob and scrape the last little bits out. Repeat with the other ears. Put all of the corn - you should get around 3 cups - including any liquid in a pan and add the water. Bring to a boil, reduce to a simmer and cook for around 10-12mins. I prefer slightly on the undercooked side (around 10min) but if you prefer more, go more towards 12min. Once done, remove the corn to a food processor (or blender) with a slotted spoon and blend until relatively smooth, adding a little of the cooking water to thin down slightly if needed. While the corn is cooking, warm the oil for the vegetables in a medium-large skillet/frying pan. Thinly slice the onion and add it to the pan. Cook, stirring now and then so it softens and browns slightly but don't let it burn. Cut the pepper and zucchini into relatively thin long slices. After the onion has become relatively soft, after around 5-8min, add the pepper and zucchini to the pan. Stir regularly as they cook for another 5min or so. Cut the tomato into medium-thick slices and the basil into thin strips ready for later. As the vegetables are nearly done, empty out the leftover cooking water from the corn pan and return the pureed corn to the pan. Add the butter and simmer for a couple minutes, stirring regularly, to allow it to thicken slightly if it seems a bit thin (shouldn't be a problem if you didn't add cooking water, but you may to thicken it up if you did). Add the goat's cheese and parmesan, mix in well, cook another minute then remove from the heat. Finish off the vegetables by adding the tomatoes and basil, mixing them through gently and warming then removing from the heat after a minute of two. Diving the fresh corn polenta between two bowls then top with the vegetables. Sprinkle over the pine nuts and top with a few gratings of parmesan and serve. 3.5.3208



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