Fukuharu @ Terrace, Hock Choon
my lil oyster
my lil oyster
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  • 22 is an interesting dish and I would highly recommend it to anyone who loves seafood. Fukuharu makes their korokke with fish, prawns, scallop and potatoes. A little like our local bergedil but tastier with all the yummy seafood
  • 12. A little expensive some may say but its not your usual cup. Almost the size of a rice bowl. Delicate, soft and flavourful piece of tasty art. The seafood came just nicely cooked. May I have another bowl please
  • 38. A delightful platter of freshly thick cuts of sashimi served with truffle oil and wasabi dressing. Sashimi at Fukuharu definitely tops the list for freshness. There is no hard and fast rule which fish will be served as the chefs will serve what they have on condition that it is fresh and suitable for sashimi.
  • 35 is a must have. A simple preparation of lamb marinated with with moro miso. It was tasty, tender and juicy. I have to admit that one serving is perfect for one and not for sharing.
  • 35 is cooked
  • 35 is my fave of the
  • 2 clay
  • 18 is made in house. Rich and decadent, its best eaten at room temperature.
  • 9 per scoop



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