gula melaka yoga cotton cake ~ highly recommended 马六甲椰糖瑜伽棉花蛋糕 ~强推
Victoria Bakes
Victoria Bakes
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  • 7 inch square pan
  • – i baked mine (WATER BATH, not steam bath. cake pan was floating a little in the bigger roasting pan~ be it) for 20 mins on 170 degrees C, then 160 degrees C for 55 mins. i will extend this to 65 mins at 160 degrees in future
  • 这次蛋糕用了(水域法,并非蒸烤法。蛋糕烤盘在渗水的大烤盘中飘着~飘着~也就这样吧) 170摄氏度烤 20分钟,后转 160摄氏度烤 55分钟。下次将 160摄氏度烘焙时间延长至 65分钟
  • – i did not invert the cake to cool. after dropping the cake with pan 3x, i lifted the cake out of the mould (with help of parchment paper) and allowed it to cool as it is
  • 蛋糕连烤盘蹬三次后,我直接将其以烘焙纸助力,从烤盘取出。木有倒扣,直接放至冷却架完全冷却



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