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Essence of Life - Food


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  • For Gulab Jamun
  • Khoya / Mawa- 1 Cup
  • Paneer - 1/2 Cup
  • All Purpose Flour (Maida) - 1/4 Cup
  • Baking Powder - A Pinch
  • Curd/Milk - 1 - 2 Tbspn
  • Salt - A Pinch (Optional)
  • Almonds/Pistachios - Few (Optional)
  • For Sugar Syrup
  • Water - 2 Cups
  • Sugar - 1.5 Cups
  • Green Cardamoms - 3-4 Nos.
  • Saffron Strands - A Pinch (Optional)
  • Rose Water - 1 Tspn (Optional)


    For Gulab Jamuns :

    Take Khoya in a bowl and mash it well until there are no lumps.
    Grate the Paneer and add it to the above and mash well until there are no lumps
    Whisk All Purpose Flour, Salt & Baking Soda in a bowl and mix it along with Khoya and Paneer.
    Mix all the ingredients well until there and no lumps and the mix has a fine texture
    Add Curd/Milk into it and mix well.
    Knead the dough by adding little Curd/Milk at a time, to get a soft texture.
    The dough should not be crumbly or dry. If it is dry, add some more Curd or Milk and knead it again.
    Make smooth small balls from the dough.
    Heat Oil/Ghee, reduce the flame to low.
    Add the balls and fry them until they become golden brown in colour.
    Toss the balls frequently in oil to get an even colour.
    When they are done, remove them from the oil with a slotted spoon and drop them into the Sugar Syrup.
    Let the fried Jamuns soak in the sugar syrup for at least 1-2 hours.
    Garnish them with Almonds or Pistachio slivers.
    Serve Gulab Jamuns warm or cold,with a hearty drizzle of sugar syrup over it.

    For Sugar Syrup :

    Add Sugar and Water, in a heavy bottomed pan.
    Keep this in low flame and stir well until the sugar dissolves completely.
    Once the sugar is dissolved and when the sugar solution starts to boil, add 2 Tbspns of milk into it.
    This is to remove the dirt from the Sugar. The dirt coagulates and starts to float on top and at the sides of the pan, remove them from the sugar solution using a slotted spoon.
    Always keep the flame low. Once the dirt is removed, strain the syrup using a strainer.
    Stir in Cardamom Powder, Rose Water/Essence and Saffron.
    Do not stir when the sugar solution starts to boil. This will effect the consistency of the syrup.
    STICKY SYRUP : For Gulab Jamuns we need a bit of a sticky syrup. To test the consistency, take the syrup in a ladle and touch it with your fingers. It should be sticky if we slide it through our fingers.
    Switch off the fire and leave the sugar syrup aside.
    Overheating the sugar solution , will caramelize it.


    If there are lumps while mixing the flour, khoya and paneer, make sure to break the lumps before adding Curd/Milk to knead the flour.
    Lumps will effect the texture of the Jamuns. They will not be soft.
    Adjust the amount of Curd/Milk needed to knead the flour.
    Soak all the Jamuns in Sugar Syrup in a wide bowl/pan. Make sure they aren't over crowded.
    Alternatively can cook the Jamuns soaked in Sugar Syrup in a very low flame for few minutes.
    Heating helps the Jamuns absorb Sugar Syrup soon and they also become very soft.
    Do not cook them in high flame or leave them in the heat for a long time, this can break the Jamuns.

    *TIPS & TRICKS :

    Adding milk to the Sugar Syrup is an old trick taught by my 'Dad'.
    This helps to remove all the dirt and scum from the Sugar Solution. Simmer it for few minutes until all the dirt coagulates and it would start to float over the Sugar solution. Remove it with a slotted spoon


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