Healthy Shrimp Piccata with Zoodles (Zucchini Noodles)
From Everyday to Gourmet
From Everyday to Gourmet
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  • 1 lb shrimp
  • 4 medium
  • ½ Tablespoon
  • 2 Tablespoon
  • 1 can quartered artichoke hearts, drained (frozen is also
  • fine)
  • Heat another tablespoon of oil to the skillet and add the artichoke hearts. Cook until slightly golden, about 5 minutes. Add grated garlic, lemon zest, lemon juice, chicken
  • stock and capers. Let come to a bubble and
  • cook for 5 minutes. And add zucchini
  • noodles and shrimp, stir to combine and cook for 2 more minutes.



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