Horsegram /Kulith chutney powder
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The Indian Food Court
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  • 45 minutes Horsegram/Kulith/Huralikalu/Kullu in english, konaki, kannada and tamil respectively. It is now vastly used in the preparation of dosa, idli, sprouted usli, kodhel(spicy coconut gravy) and also used in Mujadra a middle eastern one pot meal. I tried out this traditional dry chutney powder which my grany was preparing in my childhood. It tastes yummy and is a good combo for idli, dosa and even with rice and dal. Here is my version of the recipe.
  • 1. Place a wide skillet with Horse gram in it and dry roast the same till it turns crispy and a pleasant aroma oozes out
  • 3. When done , switch off the flame and add tamarind, jaggery and chili powder to it and give a strong stir so that it gets mixed and tamarind is softened and chili powder is roasted right
  • 5. Place a spatula with a little cooking oil in it and when heated fry
  • 45 minutes Note:
  • 2. One can even use garlic in place of Curry leaf and Asafoetida



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