How To Make Bacon Tea
ditch the carbs
ditch the carbs
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  • 2 frozen pieces from the muffin tins should be enough for 1 cup of bacon tea. Defrost in the microwave until hot or on the stove top gently
  • 2 mins Cook time 6 hours Total time 6 hours 2 mins Author: Libby Recipe type: Snacks; Drinks Cuisine: Low Carb; Gluten free; Paleo; LCHF; Sugar free; Wheat free; Grain free Ingredients 1 kg / 2 lb (approx) of bacon bones with meat still remaining boiling water Instructions Pop all the bacon bones in the slow cooker. Pour on boiling water and cover. Cook on SLOW for 6-12 hours or HIGH for 4-8 hours. Notes * There are no nutrition values as each batch will vary by how many bacon bones you used, and whether you are drinking the bacon tea or eating the bacon pieces. Needless to say there will be zero carbs and zero sugar. 3.4.3177



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