Jalapeno Popper Mexican Street Corn
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  • Ingredients 4 ears fresh sweet corn2 jalapeno peppers3 tablespoons canola oil, divided 3/4 teaspoon salt, divided 1/4 cup panko bread crumbs1/2 teaspoon smoked paprika1/2 teaspoon dried Mexican oregano4 ounces cream cheese, softened1/4 cup media crema table cream or sour cream thinned with 1 teaspoon 2% milk2 tablespoons lime juiceGround chipotle pepper or chili powderChopped fresh cilantro and lime wedges, optional View Recipe Directions Husk corn. Rub corn and jalapenos with 2 tablespoons canola oil. Grill, covered, on a greased grill rack over medium-high direct heat until lightly charred on all sides, 10-12 minutes. Remove from heat. When jalapenos are cool enough to handle, remove skin, seeds and membranes; chop finely. Set aside. Sprinkle corn with 1/2 teaspoon salt. In a small skillet, heat remaining oil over medium heat. Add panko; cook and stir until starting to brown. Add paprika and oregano; cook until crumbs are toasted and fragrant. Meanwhile, combine cream cheese, crema, lime juice and remaining salt; spread over corn. Sprinkle with bread crumbs, jalapenos, chipotle pepper and, if desired, cilantro. Editor’s Note: This recipe was tested with Nestle crema; look for it in the international foods section. Nutrition Facts 1 ear of corn: 339 calories, 26g fat (9g saturated fat), 39mg cholesterol, 568mg sodium, 25g carbohydrate (8g sugars, 3g fiber), 6g protein.



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