Keio Plaza Hotel Teppan-yaki Yamanami Premium Kobe Beef ( 鉄板焼やまなみ )
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  • 120 g sirloin (サーロイン ) and 100g fillet (フィレ ). Gosh, just look at those marbling! #Wagyu is a high marbling breed of Japanese cattle that presents a supreme quality of beef, but it's quite pricey.
  • 4 or 5. I won't go into the details here.I like to go for medium-well as I don't like my beef too rare. Chef Kamiya mastered the timing perfectly, and my sirloin came out nice and juicy, with the meat melting in my mouth as I sank my teeth into them. It was heavenly! I was so glad my hunger pang for a carnivorous treat was fully satisfied!Chef Kamiya suggested that I try pairing my beef with wasabi, pinch of salt and black pepper, and the Aomori garlic. Have you tried eating your steak with Wasabi ( わさび )? I'm sure you'll enjoy as much; it's not as spicy as you think.I know it's rather sinful and unhealthy to indulge in stuff like lard. It's so hard to resist those beef fats they removed from the beef and sear the fats separately to make Japanese fried rice. The crispy bites are real yummy!At this teppanyaki dinner, I got to try two types of Fried Rice ( 焼ご飯 ) - garlic and mushroom. While garlic rice is commonly offered at teppanyaki restaurants, it's nice to have something different like the mushroom fried rice which is just as appetizing. The course was paired with a flavourful Black Angus Beef Consommé. Chef Kamiya continued to woo us with more of his performance, and this time, literally playing with fire!! Our sweet treat was further enhanced by his style of caramelizing the Aomori apples. OMG, it turned out to be an advanced birthday surprise arranged by Keio Plaza Hotel! The Flambé Aomori Apples with greetings in Malay " Selemat Hari Jadi! " with ice-cream was a perfect way to end the meal. Thinking I'm from Singapore, Chef Kamiya specially wrote the birthday greetings in Malay, but I'm embarrassed to say that I'm not familiar with the word Jadi. Lol!Hey, there was more! Check out this stunning birthday dessert with caramelized apples, melon tart and sesame ice-cream! Don't you love the beautiful plating with gold flakes?My Thoughts:



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