Know how-Perfect chapathi/roti/poori and phulka | how to make soft chapatis /phulkas
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Cook, Click n Devour
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  • 2. For phulka roll into comparatively thin circle than chapathi
  • 1. Use a cast iron tava for cooking chapthi.It retains heat for a long time and helps in uniform cooking.
  • 4. For phulka,first place the rolled dough on the tava
  • 1. If your chapathis turn very dry and patchy it means you have used excess flour for dusting.
  • 2. Keep adjusting the flame to get perfectly cooked chapathis.
  • 1. Though it sounds very easy,making pooris can be a bit tricky.There are N number of recipes for perfect poori dough,few people use rava along with wheat flour.Using rava makes crispy pooris.In general the dough should be tight and should not be rested.
  • 1. After sliding the poori in oil,press it once gently as it helps in puffing.
  • 2. If you rest the dough for long time,pooris will absorb excess oil and turn soggy.



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