Macaroni masala
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The Indian Food Court
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  • 1 hour Number of servings
  • For those that might not be familiar, Macaroni is a variety of pasta made of wheat and is in the shape of small tubes. What I am using here though, which is the MTR packet, says it is made of 100% Suji. I tried at home a couple of times with a variety of veggies and masala and thought it is worth sharing. Here is Macaroni Masala, which you can think of as being similar to Masala Upma in some sense – single dry dish with vegetables and cereal amidst the spices.
  • 1. Cumin seeds
  • 12. Cooking oil
  • 5-6 cups of water in it and when it is about to boil add macroni simmering the flame. Cook till done and transfer it to a collander and run water through the tap so that it cools down and the cooked macaroni does not stick to each other.
  • 4. Add grated carrots, chopped capsicum from step
  • 2. Lemon juice



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