Mango mint Iced Tea
The Primal Desire
The Primal Desire
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  • 7 am. Unless, I am already out of bed and dressed. Checking emails and social media before addressing my physical needs (washroom, water, multi vitamin, and brushing my teeth, was getting out of hand). Once out of bed and ready for the day, I do a few things, return emails, check a couple things, post a couple things; invariably I lose track of time and am now “running behind”. My intention is always to get to work early, I have so much to do I hope if I get there early I will leave early… however I seriously suck at leaving early. Because I’m in a rush, I look at my fridge, grab a banana, and walk out the door. I have a fridge full of food, and I don’t pack my lunch, I’m going to leave early, come home to eat (never happens). Or I’ll stop by that great deli and have a lettuce wrap (nope, doesn’t happen either). I drive thru Starbucks for a black tea, or an unsweetened green tea, because if I don’t have something: a piece of fruit or a beverage, I will throw up, my multi vitamin makes me nauseated. I haven’t done it in a while; I have learned but it had to be the hard way. Not much is classier than a girl in business attire throwing up in a service station garbage can on a Monday morning. Can you believe I’m single??! Me neither. It’s also kind of a piss off the multi vitamins I take are 90 cents each; plus another $1 worth of adrenal supplements; and $1 in thyroid support pills. It’s expensive, and counter productive to, well, to ralph those up. There is no way to say it delicately; puke, up chuck, blow chunks… gross, I can’t believe I’m still talking about this, someone please stop me…
  • 4-5 mint leaves 1.5 L boiling water 1 lemon or lime cut into wedges Instructions Place fruit and herbs into a large jar or pitcher. Pour boiled water into the jar and let sit 1-2 hours With a wooden spoon gently press the fruit and herbs, bruising them and pulling the flavor into the water. Refrigerate, pour over a glass full of ice and serve with lime or lemon wedge. 3.2.2708



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