Masala Pori | Kara Pori | Spicy Murmura | Easy Indian snacks
Cook like Priya
Cook like Priya
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  • 1/2 cup Roasted fried gram - 1/3 cup Curry leaves -
  • leaves
  • 1 tbsp
  • 1. Heat oil in a pan, add the groundnuts and roast for 3-4 minutes until they firm up, add in the fried gram and garlic, roast for 2 minutes until the fried gram changes color.
  • 2. Now add the curry leaves and switch off the stove add in the spices - turmeric, red chilli powder, hing and salt.
  • 3. Add the puffed rice and mix well until all the puffed rice is well coated with spices.
  • 4. Once the mixture cools down store in an air tight container.



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