Microwave Beef Casserole Recipe
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  • MAKING 1) In a large frying pan, heat oil. Add in the cubed steak and saute till browned on all sides. 2) Next, add in the onions, celery, potato, courgette. Cook the mixture for about 2 minutes. 3) Add in the flour. Mix well. Follow this with mustard, beef stock and the bouquet garni along with salt and pepper. Stir all to mix completely. 4) Let the mixture reach the boiling point. Then transfer into a microwavable casserole. 5) Cover the casserole and cook for about 30 minutes. Stir twice in between. 6) Let the mixture rest in the casserole for 15 minutes. SERVING 7) Before serving the Beef Casserole, discard the bouquet garni. 8) Serve over a plateful of steamed rice.



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