Milky Way Ice Cream
Crumbs and Chaos
Crumbs and Chaos
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  • 4 oz MILKY WAY CANDY BARS, chopped or use the milky way bites ½ cup SWEETENED CONDENSED MILK 1 cup WHOLE MILK 1 cup HALF & HALF ½ cup CHOCOLATE SYRUP Instructions Set a bowl over a saucepan of simmering water, making sure the bowl doesn't actually touch the water. Add candy and sweetened condensed milk to the bowl. Stir until smooth. Heat milk and half & half briefly in microwave to take the chill off.* Remove candy mixture from heat, then whisk in milk, half and half and chocolate syrup. Chill 2 hours before churning in an ice cream maker. After churning, freeze at least 2 hours Notes Recipe Source: Food Network Magazine July/August 2012 issue



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