Mint Ice Cream w/ Protein Chocolate Chunks & Raw Chocolate Drizzle (vegan, gf, low-fat)
Sweet Simple Vegan
Sweet Simple Vegan
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  • ½ tbsp organic barley grass juice powder*(see notes) ⅛-1/4 tsp organic alcohol-free mint extract, to taste*(see notes) Protein Chocolate Chips 2 small medjool dates, divided into 4 1 tbsp chocolate protein powder (I used Ka'Chava)*(see notes) Optional Chocolate Drizzle Emmys organic raw chocolate sauce or make your own: 1 tbsp raw cacao powder + coconut nectar (See notes) Instructions Mint Ice Cream Place all ingredients into a high speed blender,I recommend the Vitamix, and make sure you use the tamper (stick). Add liquid as needed, a tablespoon at a time. Put into a bowl and place into the freezer as you prepare the remaining ingredients. Protein Chocolate Chips Place the protein powder into a small bowl. Take each piece of date (you should have 8, and roll it into a ball. If your date is large, cut it into eighths not fourths. Roll each ball in the protein powder until covered. Chocolate Drizzle Place cacao into a small bowl. Add in sweetener, slowly, and mix with a fork while doing so. Continue only until a semi thick sauce consistency is reached. Drizzle the chocolate sauce over the ice cream with a spoon. Notes You can sub in 1 cup fresh spinach if you do not have barley grass juice powder.Try using fresh mint if needed. I suggest doing 3-4 tbsp You can replace the Ka'Chava with Sun Warrior, or with regular raw cacao powder.Sub in maple syrup or raw agave if needed. 3.2.2802



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