My Utica New York Cavallo's Food Experience Review Part 1
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  • 30 and the rest trickled in around 6:00pm. First thing, I was told I couldn't buy a round of drinks for my guests on a separate check to do a toast, we had to run a tab, it was policy... that had never happened before. So no arguments, I proceeded to run the tab. My brother had ordered a pizza and wings at 5:30 he was starving, he arrived there earlier and didn't want to wait for everyone. At 7:30 no food for him yet but the rest of us ( all 13 people left) had ordered way after him and we all had our food. Get the picture, not very accomodating? Well to make matters worse, the food was not at all what we had expected each one of us had issues with the preparation of what we ordered. The calamari wasn't cooked it was cold inside and rubbery, the coating was falling off and the Vodka riggies, these were tasteless, and very little sauce. The wings were dry and overcooked, eggplant bitter and even a steak sandwich was tough and the cheese wasn't melted. After 20 years and 1900 miles to fly, ( not to mention the bill was $350.00, no refills on our drinks unless we asked and waved the waitress down more towards the end of all our meals. Then with even the numerous complaints nothing was done to make a better experience for my guests or me. Late dinners, poor service and undercooked or overcooked food. A very disappointed family and friends dinner, it was not surprising no one came after I repeatedly asked for a manager. Needless to say this establishment will now be a very distant memory after 20 years of dedicated journeys to meet everyone I will never say again "I can't wait to go back there!" I was beside myself thinking of all the good times we had there at one time, what in the world happened?



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