Narthangai Inipu Patchadi- Tamilnadu special

Narthangai Inipu Patchadi- Tamilnadu special

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  • 2. 100 gms Jaggery
  • 3. 2 ts oil, mustard, urad dal, green chili pieces
  • 4. 1 small cup tamarind water.


    1. First extract the juice from the Narthangai and filter it.
    2. In a pan add oil add mustar and urad dal. fry it and add green chili pieces.
    3. Then add tamarind water and cook for 5 minutes along with jaggery.
    4. once cooked for more than 5 minutes, the syrup will be thick and then add the Narthangai syrup.
    5. That it. Narthangai pachidi is ready to taste.
    6. Good BP reducer.


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