Pandhara Rassa Recipe: A Fragrant stew from Maharashtra
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  • 2-3 and they all retain the flavor of the food without overdoing or overcooking. By far, whatever I have had, this is one of my favorite. A beautiful stew wherein you can taste each and every element that has gone in the dish without one over powering the other and yet everything coming together in a wonderful, wholesome, exploding taste- everything just shines through- one you just cannot forget. And while cooking…I thought of two people who would really appreciate the taste. This very thought brought me to think… Squeezing a little on Friends I’m the happiest when I am in the kitchen cooking something I like for people I love. That is a time when I am a lot more reflective and travel trough time. The kitchen corner has a core warming effect on me and emotions sort of cloud my head when I cook something nice. Maybe because to me, showing love is equivalent to making food. To see that glee on people’s face when they taste something nice makes me happy: I really don’t know why. My affections are my food. So, while cooking this and thinking of how a couple of my friends would really appreciate it, my thoughts steered towards how, countless times have I spent in the kitchen cooking for people I called friends, toiling from 6 in the morning, happily and selflessly. Away from family, to me, these people are my favorite after my husband :) They are my brothers: a set of people I hold next to family and a set that almost have me mistake myself for a boy: they never cease to make me feel comfortable. I’d probably tell this on each of their weddings should they give me a chance to do a toast. But as facts fall I think its time I stopped tagging along with these men everywhere. I’m laughing loud, really, it’s almost funny that I should not have a ladies night out and climb a hill and drink with boys. I am enjoying a vital awakening. The awakening that I am a girl and I should have a real life. Really, I’ve been living wrong all my life. Like an onion? i don’t know why I am sayin’ that: maybe because I can see an onion below. Maybe I should shake away these feelings and think how we will laugh at this stupid plan 40 years down the line. Maybe I’ll be called an Emo in front of my children for even thinking this… But for now, its time to take life as it comes and give away the recipe of a wonderful stew that repairs your soul. One must never quantify the things they have done for others or else it would beat the whole purpose, right? Pandhara Rassa Recipe Ingredients Paste of 2 medium onions 2 tablespoon each: Poppy seeds, Cashew Nuts, Sesame 1 Teaspoon each: Clove, Stone Flower, 1″ Cinnammon, Pepper corns, Green Cardamom Chicken Broth: 3 cups Coconut Milk: 1 cup Water: Add as per choice Salt & Sugar to taste Green chilies slit and seeded How to Make Pandhara Rassa Stew Step 1: Make the Rassa Powder Toast cashew nuts, seasame, poppy seeds on medium heat till its fragrant. Cool and make a powder. Step 2: Make the Garam Masala Powder I do not know if ready Garam Masala would work this well because I have not tried that. I insist on not skipping this step. On medium heat, toast cloves, cinnamon, stone flower, elaichi or cardamom and pepper corns till they are aromatic. Cool and make a fine powder. Keep aside Make paste of 2 medium onions. Step 3: make the Rassa In a pot, bring chicken broth to boil. Add coconut milk, Rassa powders and cook for about 3-4 minutes Add water as per your taste and cover cook for about 5-8 more minutes. Add green chilies and rest it for 5. Enjoy with a loaf of bread or Bhakri {Indian bread made of rice flour} My own Twist: Add boiled chicken pieces or pieces of Basa for a whole meal feel That’s 20 words short 1000. I must leave. Sharin’ at:



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