PINK SORBET(Summer dessert)
The hysterical taurean
The hysterical taurean

PINK SORBET(Summer dessert)

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  • Fresh Raspberries-15 Frozen for a few hours
  • Pear-2 small ones, chopped and frozen
  • Almonds-chopped
  • Water- 1 cup-per requirement


    TIME TO PREPARE: Half a day

    Makes 1 box
    In a blender, blend together pear and raspberries until smooth. As shown in the images above. Keep in mind, you do have to blend well, so that would take some time. Add some water in to get a smoother texture.

    But don’t add too much, you have to check continuously. Once you get a sorbet like texture, you can add in a few almonds, to give the sorbet a little crunch. Add in the sorbet in a box, sprinkle in the almonds, cover the lid and freeze for 1 hour.

    After 1 hour, remove it out and enjoy with family, friends or even just your own awesome self. Maybe you can try adding it on some hot pancakes.

    Enjoy my sugar-free sorbet. You can add your own toppings too if you like. I particularly think chocolate chips would go well too. Enjoy your summers and don’t forget to share your love. ❤


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