Polish food at Tesco: hit and miss
Chez Maximka
Chez Maximka
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  • 32 How in
  • 58 I have never tried polish food, but it is interesting to know it is in Tesco. I will have to have a try
  • 02 When I grew up, we had quite a lot of Polish import in the shops, like frozen veg, I think the first time I tried green beans and Brussels sprouts was a Polish soup mix (frozen).
  • 2014 at 16
  • 58 I should pay more attention really, one thing I do pick up is Ajvar which I was introduced to in Yugoslavia by husband
  • 2014 at 20
  • 00 I haven
  • 31 I had no idea you could buy kefir
  • 2014 at 12
  • 18 What a great idea, I
  • 2015 at 10
  • 28 I haven



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