Pork Free Dim Sum Galore @ Maju Palace
my lil oyster
my lil oyster
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  • 24 per portion
  • 8 is a must for mushroom lovers. Every bite is a crispy flavourful batter with soft mushrooms inside.
  • 16 is bursting with flavours and textures.
  • 8 is a must order. The creamy goodness of cod fish and salted egg yolk gone in minutes when it arrived on the table.
  • 8 yet it is not plain or boring. A perfect play of flavourful vegies and of course an added bite, flavour and colour with the black sesame. It is also served with a dip on the side.
  • 7 is my first fave among the steamed items.
  • 7 is my second fave...
  • 8 is a huge piece of dumpling...
  • 6 is perhaps what I deem my happy food. Firm fish ball and its not fishy. Freshness galore
  • 8. You hardly find these large ones these days and this one makes a complete meal on its own.
  • 28 per pax.
  • 15 is a must for crab lovers. The porridge is smooth and rice with the crab goodness.
  • 8 is rich and hearty. I would say it is a perfect soul and stomach warming meal.
  • 25 per pax with a lovely rich soup full of prawn goodness.
  • 25 per pax is a spicy version of the Superior Prawn Soup above. A little rich for my personal liking but the hubster loves it and obviously inherited my bowl as well.
  • 6 is nice and not overly sweet.
  • 8 is baked
  • 6 is refreshing and again not overly sweet. I love the desserts at Maju Palace as they focus more of flavour rather than sweet taste.
  • 8 per pax is one good dessert to clear your palates. Its also a rejuvenating choice after all the heavy dim sum.
  • 8 per pax
  • 15 per pax. Made and served the same way that my late granny used to make them for me whenever I visited her back in Penang. A comforting dessert with precious birds nest in every egg.



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