Resep Dekke Naniura Ikan Mas Masakan Khas Batak (Spicy Hot Pickled Grass Carp) for a Bataknese Descent Dentist 25th Birthday


  • 4 jam
  • The first lime juice and salt poured over the fish and then flipped around to made sura all surface drenched with the lime juice and refrigerate about 10 minutes until the skin not slimey anymore.
  • The lemon juice and alll the dripping liquid that mixed with the grass carp fish remaining slime then discarded. this is very iportant to made sure the finish naiura didn’t taste fishy at all
  • Bumbu (dihaluskan)
  • 6 butir bawang merah, dibakar
  • 5 buah cabai merah
  • 2 buah cabai rawit
  • 8 butir kemiri sangrai
  • 3 cm kunyit
  • 2 sendok teh ketumbar
  • 2 cm lengkuas
  • 2 sendok teh garam



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