Restaurant Review: Rye, Louisville, Kentucky
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  • 10 minutes our next drink was brought out. It was a Strawberry Lemonade. No alcohol in this one. Just a sweet palate refresher. Not but a moment later, Chef Joe appeared with three identical plates. The second course was Beets with Lavender-Mango Chutney, Labne, Hazelnut and Chervil. THIS…my dear friends, turned out to be my favorite course of the entire meal. Yes…this one. The roasted beets were fresh and fantastic. Perfect, really. And it paired so well with the labne (strained yogurt). The lavender-mango chutney was light and fresh. And topping it with toasted hazelnuts was a stroke of genius, as it gave a hit of texture when it was needed most. The fruitiness of the raspberry lemonade paired and played well with the sweet, yet earthy flavor of the beets. I was in foodie heaven with this one. I could have eaten another plate of that and been a happy girl.



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