Scary-Good Halloween Green Monster Shake
At the Corner of Happy and Harried |
At the Corner of Happy and Harried |
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  • 1 cup or as needed, preferably frozen in an ice tray Almonds - 5-6, chopped (to garnish) Chocolate syrup - to garnish (optional) Chocolate cookies - 3-4, crumbled (optional) How to: Blend the avocado and banana together. Add enough frozen almond milk cubes to make 4 cups or till desired consistency is reached. Pour into glasses, garnish with chopped almonds and serve as an energizing smoothie. To make the Halloween green monster shake, drizzle chocolate syrup along the sides of the glasses before pouring the beverage. For the Frankenstein shake, draw on a scary face on the outside of the glass. Top the shake with crumbled chocolate cookies for Frankie's hair. Notes: 1. This recipe yields 3 large or 6 small servings. Recipe can easily be scaled up for a large party.2. Feel free to replace the almond milk with milk of your choice. You can even use water or coconut water to thin it down, but I like the slight creaminess that almond milk adds here.3. I like to freeze the milk before using in smoothies because they add such a lovely frosty texture. Try it if you have time, otherwise just used chilled milk. 3.4.3177
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