Spinach, Feta and Hummus Turkey Burger Recipe with Creamy Cucumber Topping
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  • 10 min
  • 15 min
  • 6 patties
  • 1 lb ground turkey ½ C classic Sabra Hummus 4 oz feta cheese ½ C fresh spinach, chopped juice of ½ lemon (1 TB) pinch kosher salt/fresh black pepper Recipe for creamy cucumber topping Instructions In a large bowl combine turkey, feta, hummus, lemon juice,spinach, salt and pepper. Gently mix with hands. Form into patties of desired size. Cook in a skillet for 4 minutes on each side, gently flipping. Cook until internal temperature of 165 degrees is reached. Remove from pan, place on bun and top with creamy cucumber topping. 3.3.3077



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