Steamed Buns with Dry Pork Meat (肉松包)
Fun Chinese Cooking
Fun Chinese Cooking
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  • 3. On a large plate, add a few drops of cooking vegetable oil, use a wrapped bun to evenly distribute the oil on the plate, so that the buns will not stick to the plate. Put wrapped buns evenly on the plate with spaces between buns.
  • 4. Heat a steamer (preferrably with multiple tiers to have enough cpacity) using low heat, add the plates with the buns to the steamer, cover the steamer. The low heat will help speed up the rising of the dough.
  • 15-20 sec
  • 40-60 sec
  • 10 to
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  • 10 Minutes, 15 Minutes,
  • 20 Minutes Generate Your Weekly Dinner Menu For Free



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