Suriname in an RV
Baked Lava
Baked Lava
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  • 40 style. Apparently, he also has a hearing problem that he pushed off onto other people and makes them deal with because we could hear him talking on the phone or his TV going. All. Night. Long. I gave him more of a chance than anyone else down here because, from the very first time anyone met dude, they were like, "Sorry, Laurrie...I can't stand that guy!" Well, after I reported him for his dog, he got pretty nasty. He'd drive by and flip me off, he threatened my neighbor, Kristal, and called her a See You Next Tuesday simply because she had asked him to turn the volume down on his TV because she was trying to sleep and she couldn't even hear her own TV over his. These sorts of things. His dog bit someone twice. He wasn't asked to move out, he was just relocated. What the hell? Now, months down the road, he's still flipping people off and all that stupid stuff. I had to draw the line when he sat out at my picnic table and told me that he knew all about authentic Mongolian cuisine because he had eaten at a Mongolian grill in Hollywood. And he proceeded to tell me all about how Mongolians live and what they eat and yadda, yadda, yadda. Mongolia was the second country that I cooked from and, to this day, remains the country that I have the most respect for because of their hard scrabble lifestyle. FYI: produce does not grow in abundance there, they do not eat a lot of chicken and their cuisine is not spicy. But, expert dude will tell you otherwise. He's supposedly had airag (the national drink of Mongolia) that he was served at this Hollywood Mongolian Grill and one glass will get you snockered. That's what he issue with that, though...I don't think anywhere here in the US serves fermented mare's milk or has horse on their menu, let alone yak. And, airag is only mildly alcoholic. One glass, I'm pretty sure, isn't going to get you snockered. But, maybe they do things different in Hollywood-Mongolia, I don't know. I know there is a big Tibetan population in California, but I don't know about Mongolian. I'm also sure that if this dude spent 15 minutes with any ethnic population, they'd completely turn him out of the village to survive on his own. YOU ARE VOTED OFF THE ISLAND!
  • 20 minutes north of Vancouver, WA and a few more miles after that, I would be in Portland, OR. This opens up an entire new world to me, as far as finding those obscure ingredients that have made me skip over preparing some truly authentic recipes from country to country. Since we are moving and it's completely rural, I'll be doing a major grocery shop every two weeks, and it won't be in Longview, that's for sure. So, if I know what the next two countries are, it will make it so much easier. I'm also doing away with the whole Beach Bag thing. I'm not going to hold myself to a $20 budget anymore...although, since I've been doing that, pretty much, from the beginning, I know me and I'll still look for the best deals on ingredients that I can get. I'm also doing away with that second list of 52 countries I'm opening that list up and it will include all the rest of the countries and territories and you all will vote on them, two at a time. After this whole move gets done with and everything settles down, I fully intend on getting back to cooking one country per week. I've gotten so far off track, it's sickening. But, when you reside in a toxic area, it tends to overflow into all aspects of one's life.



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