Thambittu Laddoo (my Janmashtami offering)
The Indian Food Court
The Indian Food Court
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  • 25 of the above size
  • 1 hour So here is what I prepared last week on the occasion of “Janmashtami”. I know if I had put this up 2 weeks earlier, at least somebody here may have taken it as a chance to try these out. Anyway, these Laddoos now add to the long list of laddoos on this blog.
  • so
  • 12. Pure ghee
  • 3. Roast grated copra on lo flame till crispy and you get a pleasant aroma
  • 8. Just transfer the laddoo mix to a plate for a closer view
  • 1 string consistency and just before switching off
  • 2 teaspoons of pure ghee and stir it well,
  • 8 to it and give a strong stir till it is evenly mixed
  • 10. Make round laddoos applying a little ghee to your palm of required size and will be medium hard in consistency in a span of
  • 2. I have added grated dry dates as additional dry fruit to make it tastier
  • 3. I have mixed



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