Toad in the Hole Breakfast Sandwiches #SundaySupper
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  • 1 sandwich Ingredients 2 slices of bread 2 eggs 2-3 slices of bacon salt & pepper, to taste 1-2 slices of cheese spinach avocado slices mayonnaise Instructions Cut holes in both slices of bread. We used a circle cookie cutter but you could cut around a lid too. In a pan on the stove, fry 2-3 slices of bacon. Remove bacon, drain on paper towels and set aside. Reserve bacon grease and add both slices of bread to the same pan. Crack an egg in each hole. Season with salt and pepper. Flip after about 2 minutes. Once flipped, add a piece of cheese to one or both slices of bread. Top with bacon. Remove from heat once cheese is melted. Top with spinach, avocado or whatever else you'd like to add. Spread mayo. Close sandwich, cut and serve! YUM! 3.5.3208



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