Vegetarian Avocado Summer Rolls with Sweet ‘N Spicy Cilantro Dipping Sauce
House of Yumm
House of Yumm
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  • ½ cup packed cilantro leaves ⅓ cup extra virgin olive oil ⅓ cup agave ½ tablespoon white vinegar 1 and ½ tablespoon Chili Garlic Sauce Instructions Avocado Summer Rolls Prepare all the veggies, slice the bell peppers and avocado, set aside. Fill a large dish, or pan with room temperature water. Dip one rice paper into the water, ensure that the entire paper is submerged into the water. Only leave it in the water for about 5 seconds. Place the wet rice paper onto a hard surface. Set filling, minus the avocado, on top of the paper, off to one side. Next to the filling, set two to three slices of avocado. Start rolling the papers from the side closest to the fillings. Roll the fillings in first, then another roll to capture the avocado (this is how you make the avocado show on the top). Fold in both sides, and continue rolling, this will completely enclose the filling into the rice paper. Set aside and repeat with the remaining papers. Sweet 'N Spicy Cilantro Dipping Sauce Add the ingredients into a food processor, process together for about 1 minute, until the cilantro is completely chopped up and all ingredients are mixed together. Spoon sauce into a serving bowl. Serve immediately and enjoy! 3.3.3077



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