Weekly Menu Plans 1/6/14
Sweet Hersey Living
Sweet Hersey Living
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  • 1 gallon of water every day (some days more), and went through detoxing symptoms. First I spent a day feeling shaky and starving. I wasn’t really hungry though, it was impossible. I was eating more that day than I normally would eat, it was just clean food not riddled with preservatives, sugar, empty carbs, way too much sodium, and chemicals. My mind was giving me strong cravings making me feel like I hadn’t eaten all day. I simply said no and drank more water. The next day it was a headache and crankiness. I was cranky for a couple days, the headache went away quickly with more water intake. Yesterday I was just tired. So I took a midday nap, I dreamt about food. With about 5 days of “feeling the process” I woke up feeling good today! My mind feels a bit clearer, my mood a bit better, and I’m not hungry anymore! Well except when it’s time to eat. It’s exciting to get through the detox stage, it takes will power. I can pat myself on the back for this last week.
  • 6 family packs and deboned them at home. The only meat I needed to buy this week was for “fun” recipes I wanted to try! I actually bought steak! Good steak! It’s like a real life New Years miracle!
  • 40 Low Calorie Recipes that helped Jon and I get back into tip top shape!
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