What’s Cooking Uncle Sam?
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On My Plate
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  • 10 th in the Lawrence F. O'Brien Gallery of the National Archives Building, and will run until January 3rd of next year. The exhibit, spanning over 230 plus years of American history, has been divided into four subsections.Farm - Discover the many ways that Government has affected farming from the days of horse and plow to the combine harvester.
  • 1900 s to find seeds and plants to cross-breed and help American crops survive harsh climates, the letter from Upton Sinclair to President Theodore Roosevelt about the meatpacking industry, and USDA memos recommending official food policies help paint a picture of our nation's relationship with food.Visitors will be surprised and amused by some of the bits of wisdom our government passed on to its citizens regarding diet and eating habits. During our War of Independence, consumption of a pint of beer a day was recommended to avoid scurvy. Cottage cheese was promoted as a replacement for meat during WWI. Americans needing more Vitamin B12 in their diet were encouraged to eat a doughnut a day. Butter was once its own food group, and the government used to recommend Americans eat as much butter as green vegetables every day.
  • 2 pounds Salt Pork (diced) – 2 ounces Onions (sliced) – 2
  • diced
  • 1 quart Butter – 2 tablespoons Salt – 1 teaspoon Freshly ground black pepper



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