When we went to California…
Confused Bawarchis
Confused Bawarchis
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  • 4.5 stars from us
  • 30 for two people for a heavy, delish & scrumptious breakfast that won’t leave you hungry for quite a few hours. Everything was just so fresh..a peek-a-boo over the kitchen counter: So we had the Smoked Salmon Scramble (Smoked Salmon, Red Onion, Capers and Roasted Tomatoes served with mama’s Grilled Potatoes and Bagel with Cream Cheese) and Banana Pancakes with the Chicken Turkey Sausage. Be sure to try this place when you are in SFO next! This one definitely gets 5 stars from us. Shalimar Restaurant, Jones Street, San Francisco
  • 15 minutes! It was absolutely delicious and that’s how hungry we all were! Expect to spend not more than $30 for all of the above. We give Shalimar 4.5 stars Here are just a few snapshots: Boskos Trattoria, Lincoln Avenue, Calistoga
  • 5 stars from us. Vik’s Chaat Corner, Berkley
  • 3.5 stars Rick’s Dessert Diner, Sacramento
  • 4.5 stars from us. Do let us know your favorite places to eat in California! We’d love to hear your recommendations for our next food-only vacation! P.S.: Please excuse us for not clicking high quality pictures, we only used our phone camera as we were famished by the time the food reached our table!



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